50mm x 16m Crack Filler Strip -

NZ - Sole supplier of QuikJoint overbanding asphaltic strip tape!

QuikJoint is a pavement joint over banding sealer system specifically designed to enable a user to quickly over­ lay joint in bituminous surfaces.
QuikJoint is an improved elastic rubberized non tracking asphaltic membrane  tape.  Product has excellent bond­ing properties on surfaces. Almost immediately following placement the material will be firm and the pavement may be opened for access and will not track.  The join membranes special properties shall enable the over band to expand and contract with the pavement without elongation cracking.
QuikJoint shall consist of a bottom release paper liner, a middle layer comprised of 93 mil thickness of non tracking, non shrinking rubberized asphaltic membrane and a top layer of a 3 mil clear plastic liner. Applicable sections of ASTM D3405.
Product shall be 100% black
Product shall be 50 feet - 15.24 Meter
Product shall be  93 mils ±
Widths - Standard
Uniform 1,  2, 4 inches wide, designed to maintain it' s uniformity  following placement and heating
Roll Dimension:
9 inch nominal on 3" diameter core
0.82  lbs psf
Pavement must be clean, dry and free of dust and other foreign materials. Pavement temperature should be 40F. Position product over pavement joint and remove bottom paper layer, cold tack material to surface, trim to proper length and apply heat. The heating source shall be continually moved across the materials until top plas­tic membrane is fired off and liquefaction occurs. Proper clothing and safety procedures shall be followed at all times.
Clean Up & Storage:
Properly dispose of bottom layer of release paper. Package & store unused portion of roll in original container in areas not exceeding  120° F.
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