20met Heavy Duty Red Extension Lead -

ALTONA Extra Heavy Duty extension lead

1.5mm, 15A, 3 Core, 4V-75 PVC cable  

10A moulded plug and connector.

20 mtrs long


Neon light in the connector alerts to power being on

Cable has a thicker outer sheathing, more suitable for tradesmen who move their leads around a lot.

Warranty - 1 year against faulty parts or workmanship. Proof of purchase must be supplied.

NB: When test and tagging a lead that has a neon in it and using only a mega, it is important that you only test to 230V as any higher voltage will showa voltage leak between the phase and neutral as that is where the neon is connected.

Complies to AS/NZS 3120:2011 A1:2012, AS/NZS3191:2008 & AS/NZS3112:2011 A1 SDoc No. GL201237 

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